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Angel playground already service clients from more than 75 countries, we offer height quality indoor playground equipment and outdoor play structures, below are some project oversee, we have more project in domestic market. To know more please leave us a message! Angel playground create unique design for you play area, we have soft play equipment, themed indoor play structures, outdoor playground and kids furniture. Click below image to find out!

Project Show of Kids Indoor Playground 2017 Part 2 How can you know the best play equipment for your place? By price?  We help you to know better of all relevant options, you win the market because you know better than other competitor, take some time to learning some successful project will hope you promotion your taste. Success on business always take hard work and determination. 
Date: 2018 / 01 / 04
Project of Indoor play structures 2017 Part 1 Hope you enjoy our project of 2017, Wish you get the ideal of our design and components. Looking forwarder the opportunity to cooperation with you on 2018.  
Date: 2022 / 08 / 18
In this indoor playground equipment have lot of play event make by new material TPU, This material make all shape possible and soft on surface. Things made by this material is expensive but quite good for high-class indoor play center, other competitor can not copy. if you look closely can find the mat on floor is whole pieces and on cartoon image, this is customized PVC leather mat just like the wallpaper we decoration for our home. 
Date: 2022 / 08 / 18
This big indoor jungle gym are big enough for 100 kids play at same time, they have kids carousal to play, have rocking horse, plastic car, jumping balls and seesaw. Even have a stage for some show, it is perfect for a birthday party or celebration. On play structures have much more system for big kids to have fun, them can slide, jumping on trampoline, play ball on ball float machine, crossing obstacle and more more. 
Date: 2017 / 12 / 27
In this indoor play equipment in jungle theme, the interesting parts of this design is have a train surrounding the play structures. this train can take 6 children. This train is power by electricity, the track connect with 24V wire. have a control box to control the speed, and operation. Beside the play structures have sand pit, climbing wall, parents rest area and small toys.  
Date: 2022 / 08 / 18
There are two play area inside this indoor play structures, one for kids under 5 years old, others for big kids. The toddler jungle gym are in pink color on opposite of big one. On large playground have slide from level three and level four, the big slider more than 10 meter from level four. There are many attractions on this indoor playground for kids to explore. 
Date: 2022 / 08 / 18
Even this indoor playground equipment on two level, but still put many interesting play events inside. the first one will be the net playground which hang one the ball pit, kids know can climbing up through the net playground, this design have one long net tunnel and many bridge. also with shooting area and trampoline area.
Date: 2017 / 12 / 22
Project in Switzerland, Romania, Indian, Latvia, Spain, Georgia, Estonia,Poland, CYPRUS, DOMINGO, Macedonia, Ghana, Mexico, USA,Dubai, Portugal, Singapore, Macau, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, BULGARIA..... These not all, Angel playground export world-wild. Guarantee our clients have unique design with best quality.   Edin Tairagini  Route Suisse 8A, 1163 Etoy, Switzerland SC AngelsPlay SRL CUI:35034332, Street: Otilia Cazimir 81A, Letcani, lasi, Constantsa,Romania,  EQUINOX OVERSEAS PRIVATE...
Date: 2018 / 01 / 04
On this soft play equipment design, we bring you some new ideal on kids play equipment, first will be the net playground, net playground are new play event which for kids to climbing, jumping and swing. We also create different platform which are transparent. 
Date: 2018 / 01 / 24
The benefit of make kids indoor playground on outside is can make the play structures on any shape and height. It is more easy to catch the kids eyes, and more comfortable for parents. 
Date: 2018 / 01 / 24
Please check more outdoor playground on Luis Colombari Chaves Mobiliario Moderno S.R.L 300N,25E,100N Rohmorser,Pavas.San Jose, Costa Rica
Date: 2018 / 01 / 24
If you already have the place and looking for ideal to make the best design for your own place, check more real image will help find the ideal. Usually a play center will have 100SQM, we make two separate design, toddler play area and indoor play structures. For toddler play area have sand pit, soft play equipment, ball pit, merry go round and other small toy. for play structures. have slide, bridge, obstacle, and ball blaster etc...
Date: 2018 / 01 / 24
This baby jungle gym have including two play structures, one for kids under 12 years old have 4 level with many plastic slide and one ball house, one for kids under 8 years old alsoo three level with one big sprial slide. Also have football pitch and merry go round in this big project! Mr Joseph & Mrs Melissa Hutchinson Address: Enterprise Centre Kells Road Kingscourt Co .Cavan Ireland
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
This indoor playground equipment for Josl GesmbH in Austia Address: Friedhofstrasse 364 3945 Hoheneich
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
For more outdoor play structures please visit us on, this outdoor play equipment are order by a small yetev lev school vzw van leriusstaat 13-15-17,2018 antwerpen,belgium
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
This small indoor play structures are designed and sale to  Pascal Baldussen Pascalino BV  Slakweg 5 6228 NB Netherlands. 
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
Ing. Valér Pavlík - FUN PARK in Slovakia buy this playground and many other soft  play equipment for a kids play center. this playground have shooting area, ball play area  and trampoline area. have a toddler play zone with soft obstacle, slide, tunnel, slide, rocking horse etc...
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
Our company have lot of project in South Amercia, we welcome you visit or make call to check our quality and service. CENTRO DE ENSINO DECISAO LTDA RUA ESTELA BEZERRA DA SILVA 152- MANGABEIRA,ZIP CODE: 58055-254,City: JOAO PESSOA,State: PARAIBA, Country: BRAZIL
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
Toygroup Oy Finland got these see balls, plastic slide, and tree house, bounce from us  years ago. 
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
estructuras de recreo expertplay s.a de c.v. alamos s/n col. sn miguel ocoyoacac Edo. de Mexico, This is a repute company in Mexico for kids playground equipment, this company cooperation with us for outdoor playground, swing and rubber mat for floor. if you happen have some inquiry on outdoor play structures just visit our group website for more information.
Date: 2018 / 01 / 25
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  • It is nice to cooperation with your company, just to let you know that I sent you some pictures of the playground. It is very, very nice. I want to thank you and to thank you all your people for your great job. I'm sure will order again with your company.
    --Oleg Jegelski-Latvia
  • Hope everything good on your side, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your kindness, patience and willingness to help. You were here for us from the beginning to the end and advise if it was necessary. So one more time Thank you and looking forwarder next purchase.
    --Aseem Jain - India
  • I am glad to let you know we have it all ready! Looks very nice! children are very happy with the product!We will definitely recommend your company and will buy from you when we will be opening second playground! Thanks for your fast delivery and help.
    --Luis Sutter -Chile

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