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How to choose a good supplier of indoor playground

Thanks for the Cyber Revolution we call the world The Global Village, Now 50% of playground business are foreign trade in Angel Playground company!

Within few seconds, you can contact anyone, anywhere around the world, that is no need be afraid to buy playground equipment from a supplier in China or anywhere! Even zero experience on importing business. Angel playground have professional term working with you from the beginning to the end!

1, Buy from real manufacture of indoor playground is the tip.

Few mins visit on supplier website can not judge who is the dealer, who is the manufacture. But that is way to define a good manufacture. Does the website how project made before? Does the suppliers show each details of components of kids playground? Does the supplier explain the exactly materials and methods they use. Does the information on website too boring and no difference with others!

Most trade company does not understand the quality, specification, safety, installation and design. But they may have source to buy the cheap, lower quality equipment for your play area!

It is may take you time to know the real manufacture but it is worthiness! You do not want to be regret after you got product with low quality, then take months to do the installation. In China has a saying (Grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting firewood)

2, Why you feel confidence working with Angel playground!

After few emails intercourse, You almost know all details relevant on playground equipment, Angel playground send you list of components, material list which compare with others, 3D installation drawn and video on assemble of indoor playground, Angel playground much range product for chose. Price list not just show price and specification but also volume and components inside.

You always can find the answer which you concern on indoor play area on our website! Call us on phone, We answer you questions with no hesitate, You will feel comfortable communicating with us!

We are no like some suppliers from B2B website, Lot of them produce low quality product and provide no service after sale. Angel playground may already have project around you areas. Why not contact with us asking information to check by yourself!

3, Specifications on indoor playground and customer service after sale!

Angel playground provide specifications of materials,components,design,installation before you ask, On other way, low quality manufactures will be very reluctant to give you details information or even genuinely no idea on what specification you are asking.

Customer service is so important, Take example on installation of indoor playground!

It is easy to do the installation with high quality manufactures, Because they already did the installation before delivery, parts are marked with numbers, Photos are take on each angle. Holes already drill and fastener already on frame pipe! Angel playground provide 3D installation diagram, Diagram have number match with real project, classify components by color. After check video and those documents you have full ideal even before you got the product!

In other hand, you will be totally lost on those components which you already have if cooperation with low quality supplier. You even do not know how to start and what next. Without support from supplier installation becoming a impossible mission.

To check the step please (click for more details) on each big image!

4, others you may concern

If you does not do any international business before, You must worry about delivery and clean custom!

Angel playground provide fast delivery, 7 days for small set and 12 days for large play system. We working with your agency or our forward on both FOB term and CIF term!

On FOB term: We proper loading your order and pay all cost happened in China, Provide documents in 10 days after shipment.

On CIF term: we do not make make profit on freight, we offer cheapest freight from shipping company! We pay freight for you, So you got bill of landing from shipping company not house bill of landing from forwarder. We have long-term cooperation with forwarder, So you got service from them also, And can complaint directly to us!

Clean Custom: After received documents from us by DHL, You can clean custom by our forwarder or your forwarder. You can asking forwarder delivery the container directly to your location by truck!

More information please click News........

Best wish

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  • It is nice to cooperation with your company, just to let you know that I sent you some pictures of the playground. It is very, very nice. I want to thank you and to thank you all your people for your great job. I'm sure will order again with your company.
    --Oleg Jegelski-Latvia
  • Hope everything good on your side, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your kindness, patience and willingness to help. You were here for us from the beginning to the end and advise if it was necessary. So one more time Thank you and looking forwarder next purchase.
    --Aseem Jain - India
  • I am glad to let you know we have it all ready! Looks very nice! children are very happy with the product!We will definitely recommend your company and will buy from you when we will be opening second playground! Thanks for your fast delivery and help.
    --Luis Sutter -Chile

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