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Quality assurance

Angel playground Warranty

Indoor playground warrants is products to be free from defect in materials or workmanship during normal use and correct installation in accordance with our specifications. The effective date same as the date of PI or Purchase Contract and terminate at the end of period stated below. The warranty shall commence on the date the playground is received by the customer and terminate at the end of the period stated below.


The warranty stated is valid only if the playground equipment:

Proper unloaded from the shipping containers and carry to the play place. Installation properly by professional installation crews from Angel Playground Company or under the instruction of Angel Playground Company manual. Maintained and inspected in accordance with instructions from Angel Playground Company. 

Not moved in whole or in part after its initial installation; and not modified altered or repaired by persons other than approved by Angel Playground Company, or its designers in any respect which in the sole judgment affects the condition or operation of the structures.


This warranty does not cover:

Cosmetic damage (such as scratches, normal wear and tear, fading, discoloration, and weathering), vandalism, paint or powder coating, and damage due to natural characteristics of checking and warping of wood.

The repairs of normal wear and tear items shall be the customer’s responsibility. Include but are not limited to: repairing netting, fixing loose bolts and fastener, replacing PVC cover and hose clamps, replacing safety mat and soft pad. Angel playground will assist you by email, phone, whatsapp etc…

Damage due to the Environmental Factors such as: salt water, salt spray, wind-blown sand or airborne emissions from industrial sources

Damage due to the force majeure such as: earthquakes, flooding, windstorms, hail, lightning, tornadoes, sandstorms etc…

Damage due to Man-made such as: Vandalism, improper use, failure due to loading or use beyond the capacities stated in the applicable Assembly Manual, Improper installation including but not limited to installation on uneven, unleveled, or soft ground.


Angel playground equipment Co,.LTD carry the warranties as following:

Indoor play structure warranties:

3 Years on components made by LLDPE (Plastic) and fiber glass material against deterioration making it unfit for play, such as: tunnel, swing seats, seesaw, watching tower and cube, slides, panel, junction tube, plastic house, themed roof etc…


3 Years on parts made by metal against structural failure, such as galvanized steel pipe, cast aluminum fastener, metal support to shooting game (Gun, canon and ball blaster not including), all stainless steel hardware (bolts, screws, nuts, washers)


1 Year on components called soft play products, including wood components or sponge items cover by soft PVC leather such as: platform, themed panel and roof, cartoon board for decoration, soft wall cushions, climbers, stairs, fence for ball pit, bridge punching bag, flooring mat, cushions for slide, soft seats, and obstacles in all shape.


1 Year on auxiliary equipment such as: trampoline, safety net, PVC pipe, webbing equipment, clamps and nylon string.  


6 Months on ball in ball pit, sponge balls for shooting game, water bed for water trampoline, plastic toys in sand pit, soft sofa, air bed of spider climb tower.


Kids Merry go round:

1 Year on electronic and electrical components, such as: air blower, air compressor, motor, gear box, magnetic valve, and buttons.

1 Year on frame, structure, padding, and soft wrapping material.


Ball blaster:

1 Year on electric parts and pneumatic parts.

1 Year on steel parts and metal hardware including: barrel, mount, post, seat, and mounting hardware.



To make a valid claim under the terms of this Warranty, all warranty claims must be submitted in writing along with copy of original Proforma Invoice, photos or videos of damage parts to manager@angelplayground.com / 86-577-68666993

(China)Angel Playgrounds will replace any components that become unsound within stated time frame free of charge. This does not include providing labor or cost of labor to remove defective pieces or installation of replacement pieces. (Abroad) Angel playgrounds will send the damaged parts By DHL or other international express free in charge. Angel Playgrounds reserves the right to receive copies of written maintenance inspection reports to ensure the equipment has been properly maintained. This includes physical and photographic evidence in lieu of on site inspections. 

Warranty method of parts:

Spare parts: Angel playground equipment will prove certain amounts of spare parts shipped together with order from customers, these shipped spare parts are free as service parts should be sufficient to keep the play structures maintained for one year. Customers can replace the damaged parts with spare parts under the instruction from Angel playground. Such free spare parts will be 5% of extra net, and PVC foams pipe, 10% of string, clamps, extra fastener, plastic caps and screw. Customer should be responsible for keeping the spare parts stored safety when not in use and maintenance carefully when any damage occur.

For parts out of stock during warranty time: for certain parts which Angel playground have not provide or ran out of stock during the warranty time. Angel playground will ship the parts by Express like DHL and fully pay the freight. 

For parts that not including in original order: For renew purpose or expansion on play area, customer asking for parts or complete play structures in small quantity. Angel playground will prepare such need in one week and make delivery in 10 days, cost of parts and other play structures will be on customers including the freight and other custom charge if have.

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  • It is nice to cooperation with your company, just to let you know that I sent you some pictures of the playground. It is very, very nice. I want to thank you and to thank you all your people for your great job. I'm sure will order again with your company.
    --Oleg Jegelski-Latvia
  • Hope everything good on your side, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your kindness, patience and willingness to help. You were here for us from the beginning to the end and advise if it was necessary. So one more time Thank you and looking forwarder next purchase.
    --Aseem Jain - India
  • I am glad to let you know we have it all ready! Looks very nice! children are very happy with the product!We will definitely recommend your company and will buy from you when we will be opening second playground! Thanks for your fast delivery and help.
    --Luis Sutter -Chile

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