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  • Commercial Children Indoor Playground Equipment
  • Code: 20200321
  • Size(CM): 1830X1098X600
  • Size(FT): 60.03X36.02X19.68
  • Price(FOB):$0.00
Product Details
    Racecar theme is new type in Kids indoor playground. This design is combine with G3.0 playground, We made special design in each level, Wallpaper, Decorations, big slide, wall climbing and so on. We want kids like a real Racing Driver to enjoy their games. Kids like a superman can challenge each project and can be success to win each game. Each design all custom, welcome to contact us for a unique playground.

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In Indoor Amusement park, is the ability to cooperate well with others important?

As social animals, human beings value teamwork. Indeed, no one could survive and prosper without the help and support of others. It is cooperation between people that allows for smooth progress within a society in every historical period. Thus, as for kids, na matter they are in indoor jungle gym or in any other part of the society, the ability to cooperate with others is always important. And Indoor Amusement park is no doubt a wonderful place to train their character of cooperation.

In times of war, working well with others was critical to everyone's survival and livelihood. Throughout Chinese history, the changing dynasties are a typical of social advancement, even though endless battles and wars are taking place. Most citizens had to join the fight against their enemies so that they could survive and eventually live in peace. Therefore, it makes sense for soldiers and citizens akin to unite as one. There victories are only for troops whose numbers were capable of cooperating well with another, both in war strategies and military tactics. The same is true of kids in Indoor Amusement park, they need to cooperate with other kids so that they can win in a game.

In today's society, excellent teamwork can lead to common wealth. In the past, with an undeveloped economy, the majority of people were living in poverty. With a common aim of achieving prosperity, workers, farmer, businessmen, teachers and people of other professions have joined in the endeavor toward social and economic progress. In Indoor Amusement park, kids are playing different roles, it is the effort of their all that could make indoor jungle gym a more beautiful place. Without good teamwork, kids will not be able to find what is the real happiness.

What's more, in order to achieve success in such a competitive society, people from all works of life are also required to value teamwork. Without a doubt, no one is strong enough to face overwhelming challenges of competitors by relying solely on his own effort. Thus, in any organization, each individual is obliged to cooperate with with his co-workers without exception. Those who lack such essential skills are certain to be weeded out of the team. In fact, so long as social construction continues, cooperation is always needed. The same suits well to the development of Indoor Amusement park. The Best Sales Used Commercial Children Playground Equipment Provide by Angel playground.

To summarize, human history has witnessed the unmistakable significance of teamwork. The ability to cooperate well with others not only benefits individuals, but also ensures that the entire social development thrives. Despite the remarkable changes take place nowadays, this opinion remains the same. Hence it is more than critical to have kids learn how to cooperate with others when they are in indoor jungle gym. Such character should not only be displayed in all the games kids play, but should also be put into the daily routines of every kid. Kids and Indoor Amusement park are no doubt the decisive part of the great taking.

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(1) What is the process of opening an Indoor Playground

In short, Market Research - Prepare Floor Plan - Design - Producing - Shipping - Installation - Opening
1, Design: 100% customized, New design usually take 2-4 days
A, To make sure design fit perfect, please mark information on floor plan (Clean height, Entrance, Column location and size, Place for washing room, coffee, party room etc..)
B, You can customized (color, theme, components)Conta
2, Producing: Product leading time is 15-30 days depend on design.
We will do trial installation before delivery (metal and plastic part), will provide real images and 3D installation diagram, for more details please click (Project-Installation) on our website.
3, We can take care of Delivery and Installation.
We will arrange technician do installation (we will know the roughly cost once you send us the layout).

(2)Why need buy playground from Angel? The advantage of Angel playground.

1, Buyer over 75 countries, Angel playground have building 1,300 family entertainment center world-wide.
2, 50% of buyers from USA, 35% from Europe, Angel Playground provide durable and affordable kids playground.
3, Angel playground provide full-package service. Provide extra material free and offer long term after-service.
4, Angel playground are the first company who update kids playground to Generation 3
0, we are the first company make the soft role play house (pretend city)

(3) How Angel playground guarantee your investment?

Angel playground have certificated by CE&ATSM and full documents to support you open for business!
1, The warranty of each play elements are marked clearly with no doubt.
2, Angel playground provide 5% of extra material when loading container.
3, We provide free design, and the design will be outstanding from your competitor.
4, You are welcome to dealing with local agency.
5, Our installer will install and show you how to maintain. And provide manual for your park and inspection department from city.

(4) Can we visit your factory? Where are you?
Welcome to visit us anytime you like, we are in Wenzhou, Zhejiang China, we are pleasure to arrange the pick up and booking hotel etc...

(5) What make Angel playground different from other suppliers?

This is good question, information above have explain the advantage of our company. So in short summary: Usually buyer select suppliers, we are the one select buyers also, we prefer to service those buyers who more focus on quality not just on price, that why most of our buyer from developed countries; We prefer to take more time to learn all details of your place, to make unique design which you not able to get from our competitor and make you outstanding from your competitor; We prefer to take more time on producing, to select more strong, safety and comfortable material.
(6) Terms of payment.

30% deposit by T/T in advance, 70% balance paid before shipment. Or balance against copy of BL. For amount more than USD50,000 will be pay three times 30%-30%-40%.

(7) Is it difficult to install? Do you have installation manual? Or do you send your own workers over to help install the Indoor Playgound ? What's the cost?

The installation manual will be sent after the Indoor Playground is produce completed. So you can do installation by our guidance, But if playground bigger than 150m2, we strongly suggest let's our installer take care for you.
Tips: Most of buyer from Europe prefer do install by themself; Buyer from USA always prefer do install by us.
The installation cost will be stated clearly in our sales contract.

(8) What's your delivery time ?

Normally for outdoor play structures only 15 days. For indoor playground equipment takes about 20-60 working days (Depend on design and our production plan)

(9) How I know the design is good.Will the product exactly same as design?

This is good question, Because you the success of business will be relay on it. The most important is play ability not appearance, it is what inside not what look outside; it is variety not theme, it is well planed with party, rest area, reception. It is most be suitable and take care of player in different ages... Check Generation 3.0 online (G3.0 does not have to be big, it is a new conception invent by our company) It is not just same, It is better on real than on design.

You can know better by contact us, or visit us to know more!

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