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Steps of begin a children’s play place- the indoor playground
Steps of begin a children’s play place- the indoor playground Views: 2349    Dec 23 , 2017 Steps of begin a children’s play place- the indoor playground Start a children ’s  play space is a great business, many parents are looking for place to take their kids on rainy days, Children also need a clean, safe environment where they can play on hot summer days and cold winter days. Parents which company with kids also require a comfortable and relax environment while kids have fun play with their friends. Before purchase any indoor... Read More
Design on Playground equipment
Design on Playground equipment Views: 2242    Dec 23 , 2017 Design on Playground equipment First decide the playground will be a small removable structure that will be set up each time it is used, this type of playground called mobile indoor playground, also bouncer, swivel chair are suit for this purpose. Most playground will be permanent structure housed in a special space such as super market, basement, restaurant , coffer shop or community.  Measure the play area, decide the specification for playground... Read More
How to Make a kids Indoor Playground
How to Make a kids Indoor Playground Views: 2179    Dec 23 , 2017 Indoor playground provide great way for kids active inside! Allow kids to run, jump, slide and climbing on variety of structures when the weather prevents the kids from playing outside!  An indoor playground also including areas for imaginative play using puppets, paint, sand and small toys like seesaw, swing, spring rider, These type of play is especially important for smaller kids using indoor playground as they may not physically able to use... Read More
Improvement on indoor playground
Improvement on indoor playground Views: 2258    Dec 22 , 2017 All indoor playground have platform, Platform made by wooden, Sponge and PVC cloth, it is soft on surface, So we call it soft platform!  Each platform have at least four paralleled pipe to support it, each platform have four concave edge, so can lock itself on pipe. That is why most of supplier on market do not use other method to re-fixed.  Some of our clients report the platform may move during kids running on it! Some girls are very scare to... Read More
update on Facebook, Google+ and Youtube
update on Facebook, Google+ and Youtube Views: 1887    Dec 22 , 2017 We update many video on Youtube of outdoor and indoor playground, these video will help you understand how the playground  running, which accessories attract you, how is look like after the installation finished, you also can find video explained each step of  installation. Will help you a lot on find the best solution for your play center.  On Facebook we have show many clients information from different... Read More
kids playground situation
kids playground situation Views: 1926    Dec 22 , 2017 Entertainment park including the children’s playground are widely scattered all over our country. But there are still lots of problems need to improve for children’s playground.    Lots of the playgrounds can not meet children’s needs because of the monotonous design and its heavy commercial atmosphere.   Other bad factors like the limited space, ill-conceived security issues always appear in kids playground... Read More
Knowledge of mats (indoor playground)
Knowledge of mats (indoor playground) Views: 1931    Dec 22 , 2017 That are two kinds of mats for indoor playground, EVA mats and soft sponge mat! Child may fall down from desk or platform by accident, Mat can absorb this impact protect child away from hurt.  Mat also make indoor play center have better look! So mat can be see in each indoor playground! But how to chose the good one and what is the different between mats may confuse you, Angel playground are happy to help you figure it out!... Read More
Instruction of indoor playground equipment
Instruction of indoor playground equipment Views: 1917    Dec 22 , 2017 Please ensure read all details before enter in this indoor play area 1: Take off your shoes and follow the arrange of the staffers 2: This facility offer to 3-12 years old child only (the child whose lack of independence ability at least company by one of them parents) 3: The blow mentioned goods is not allowed take in, such as knife, pole, keen staff (key, watch), firecracker, fireworks and dog-end etc. forbid chase, fight and... Read More
How to choose electric kids carousel
How to choose electric kids carousel Views: 1817    Dec 22 , 2017 1.Choose a supplier with years of experience on electric indoor play equipment, years of experience make improve on  technology become possible!  2.Do not just look at price and picture, the quality of electric equipment is mainly decided by the motor, high quality motor is  expensive, Price is relative with quality, not choose from a supplier with cheap price but poor quality. 3.Try to choose certificated... Read More
Go big for indoor playground business!
Go big for indoor playground business! Views: 2021    Dec 22 , 2017 After know information of how the benefit of running indoor playground.You can easily attain financial freedom with a small-scale  indoor playground, but if have more ambitious, you can expand on large scale indoor play center, Even can aim on nationwide  business as a agency or branch! Angel playground will support you on each... Read More
Indoor playground as educational assistant for parents
Indoor playground as educational assistant for parents Views: 1806    Dec 22 , 2017 Some time parents may feel education on children is a hard task, perhaps exhausted after use up all skill, Still children do not buy it. So many parents seek help on indoor playground, many parents regard indoor play area as children’ s happy harbor, either in trouble or as reward when children behave well. Children Also eager to play inside indoor playground. That is how indoor playground became assistant of parents on kids... Read More
Increase customer experience-new version of website
Increase customer experience-new version of website Views: 1921    Dec 22 , 2017 For increase customer experience during visit our website, New version of Angel playground website have update on 30th, May. We have remove Chinese version on, But Chinese version still can be visit on For better promotion we increase a branch company website which only for indoor playground. Also have new website for trampoline park... Read More
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Project of Indoor play structures 2017 Part 1 Hope you enjoy our project of 2017, Wish you get the ideal of our design and components. Looking forwarder the opportunity to cooperation with you on 2018.  
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