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Indoor playground business-happy business
Indoor playground business-happy business Views: 1975    Dec 21 , 2017 Create kid-friendly play center for families to indulge on their family time, parents socialize with each other on zero-pressure environment while kids play with each other. This is how indoor playground business be your way of contributing to the community. Indoor playground is happy business. Indoor play bring fun to kids and parents, also bring success to the owner. Running indoor play center do not like other business, Not just... Read More
Indoor playground-Market in developing countries
Indoor playground-Market in developing countries Views: 1992    Dec 21 , 2017 According to market search, indoor playground have big demand in developing countries, The early owner has upgrade single store indoor play into a multi-function play center. Angel playground has aim developing countries as one of our major market! For save cost, we make the installation as easy as possible, make sure the owner can do the installatio by themself or hire someone in the city do the installation, No need any experence.... Read More
Where the indoor playground originated!
Where the indoor playground originated! Views: 2020    Dec 21 , 2017 China is the biggest market for kids play centre even Indoor playground equipment first begin in 1990’s from USA, Indoor kids play centers provide business models in the western countries first! Factory in developing countries are following the trend, Now indoor playground becoming very common and popular all over China! China also have the suppliers of playground equipment and export all over the world! Angel... Read More
Knowledge: What is indoor playground
Knowledge: What is indoor playground Views: 1894    Dec 21 , 2017 Indoor playground no long just simple indoor climbing frame as beginning in 1990. Now it is combination play centre include (1, Indoor play frame. 2, Electric driven carousel. 3, Toddler play area. 4, Ball blaster area, 5, Soft play. 6, Explore facility. 7,Multi-fucation trampoline. 8, Bouncer. 9, Table and wall game. 10, Rest area) Today indoor playground has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world. It is including big range of play... Read More
Weather have no influence on indoor playground business
Weather have no influence on indoor playground business Views: 1905    Dec 21 , 2017 Clients from middle east like big size indoor playground which have hot climates in most of the year! Also business of indoor playground are good on north Europe which very cold. Why? Weather do a favor for kids play centre, Because kids do not like to stand at home get boring, Kids need to play, and indoor play centre are inside a buliding, with aircondition have perfect temperature. Too hot or too cold on outside make indoor... Read More
Why kids enjoy to play at indoor play center
Why kids enjoy to play at indoor play center Views: 2430    Dec 21 , 2017 Angel playground provide indoor playground with side line range of product, kids can play as longer as them wish, not just few minutes on Carnival game, kids apart from getting puffiness and self closing, kids get to develop their self esteem, confidence and social skill. Also monthly ticket or annual ticket minimize the cost of play, parents feel secure put kids inside indoor castle with many kids, owner of indoor... Read More
Indoor playground business rising in developing counties
Indoor playground business rising in developing counties Views: 2232    Dec 21 , 2017 Continue increase on economy in developing countries bring big opportunity for indoor play business, Middle class in developing countries get bigger and bigger, People have more spare money and pursue better life. Parents are more willing to spend on family services and children play equipment, kids indoor playground is one of the best kid-friendly recreational facility. Such as ball blaster shooting game and multi-function... Read More
Solutions for any budget on kids playground
Solutions for any budget on kids playground Views: 3295    Dec 21 , 2017 No matter small indoor playground for home use, neighborhood, coffer shop or community. We have solutions for you, our large range of products can meet your ambition and budget. For small indoors play we can frame on 10m2, we have soft play and toddler play for choice, we have swing sets and climbing wall. For hundreds square meter multi-function indoor play for supermarket or entertainment center.  Our solution for big... Read More
Advantage of indoor playground
Advantage of indoor playground Views: 3272    Dec 21 , 2017 The advantage of working with Angel playground is that we always introduce new product for you, We have many theme for chose and make unique design fit your play area. Angel playground constantly strive on product innovation. Keep your indoor playground constantly exciting for children who keep coming to play! The key advantage of indoor playground business is the owner only need to buy once but can last more than 10... Read More
Why running indoor playground business
Why running indoor playground business Views: 3880    Dec 21 , 2017 First, indoor playgroundare suit for kids from 3 years old to 12 years old. Which have huge market!  Second, indoor playground have many components to play inside, Kids have lot of fun with company and do not get boring. While there are no official statistics for the global market volume of indoor playground. studies in shanghai shows that the number of indoor play areas in this city are more than 300. The... Read More
Market of indoor playground
Market of indoor playground Views: 2186    Dec 21 , 2017 running Indoor playgroundcentre is booming business, In each city of China, Can find many indoor playground in Super market, park,and business street,also some indoor play castle near school and community, Each holiday all indoor playground are full with children, Owner not just sale ticket, but also small toys for kids bring home to play. Business like kids milk powder, cloth, toys also get benifit for near by.  As middle... Read More
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Project of Indoor play structures 2017 Part 1 Hope you enjoy our project of 2017, Wish you get the ideal of our design and components. Looking forwarder the opportunity to cooperation with you on 2018.  
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